There’s something about cleaning a messy kitchen
Pots utensils dishes food strewn
On countertops damp with cursory swipes
Of the sponge
You always say you’ll clean as you go
The tasting spoon never seems to find its way
Onto the little dish you bought
Just for that purpose
The sink fills up with pots and knives
Placed sharp side up
The cutting boards wet with food scraps
The stove top splatter baked in
Because it was too hot to wipe right away
You start with the sink
But the drainer is full
So you start by loading what you can
Into the dishwasher
But you never emptied it from yesterday
Working from the center out
Unload the dishwasher
Load the dishwasher
Unload the drainer
Load the drainer
Food scraps
Food drips
The now cool stove top
And suddenly you realize
That the kitchen is clean.
Carry out.

OctPoWriMo #9, prompt: practical
dverse prompt of 10/8/20: googling inspiration (my searches: don’t, there’s something,  cleaning)

13 thoughts on “Don’t leave it for the morning

  1. Love the meticulous Journey through the mirrored tasks in the descending form of the poem I like that you know it’s not often we get anything in our lives perfectly straightened out when we do it’s always nice to try to preserve it as long as we cancel order and you have made sense to me. Nice job Xan.

    • that’s it exactly- so glad I portrayed that. The despair at the mess, the almost unconscious task-doing, and the result: how did /that/ happen?

    • I never had a dishwasher til I was 60; had to install one in the old place on advice of the real estate agent. Yeh, I was an instant convert.

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