I met my mothers ghost
Not once, but many times
She lingered, refusing Lethe’s invitation
To lay down life and leave
On the night she died
She stood beside me where I slept
In her own bed
I lay terrified
Each particular hair, standing on end
Because this was not benevolent farewell
But confusion, anger
At life cut short, unready
Sometimes it watched me
In unfamiliar homes
In folly once I followed it
A golem in crowded downtown streets
I feared it,
but feared more it would not find me

My father’s spirit may haunt someone else
I have never seen it
Or perhaps a life that long
Lays the spirit to rest
Well before the grave
No serpent-bitten crime
Of rare disease
Felled him.
Angry throughout life
The gods gentled him into the unknown land
Absent from me
In death as in life

for the dverse prompt of 10/27/20: folly

4 thoughts on “Act 1, Scene v

  1. What was your mom’s age when she passed on? When I hear that her hair is standing on end it makes me think of electricity. I wonder if ghosts are the electrical footprints that refuse to disperse to begin recycle mode. My mom keeps saying she is ready to go, so maybe she will be more like your dad.

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