Even now
With the daylight hours constricting
And the midday warmth
Just a yellow flash in the sky
And blue dots popping into oblivion
In my brain’s back rooms
I step into the garden every morning
Each footfall sending out a rainbow
On the cold concrete walk
“this isn’t so bad”
And straining my ears
For the color
That the fading plants play

for the dverse prompt of 11/5/20: Synesthesia
I do see rainbows when my feet hit the ground, and always have. Never thought about it as synesthesia, but it’s the image that popped in my head at the prompt. And the plants really do sing in color.

11 thoughts on “Synesthesia

  1. I’ve been thinking “this isn’t so bad” a lot recently, and really it isn’t. I miss travelling but maybe that’s just a signal that I should explore the world on my doorstep…

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