There is always a dog or two
And a book
And a blanket, inaccessible
Under the stubborn implacability
Of the sleeping dog
Somewhere a coffee cup
Cooling to undrinkability
Just out of sight and reach
The immaterial day
Beyond the shuttered window
Beckoning for a walk
But not quite enticing enough
To give up the warm sweet weight
Of companionship

Ekphrastic #3: Mark Staff Brandl


7 thoughts on “Cordelia

  1. That coffee cup is always just out of reach isn’t it. Same thing here with me and the cats. I can’t remember the whole story or maybe it’s just a short one, but Buddha had a cat asleep on his arm and he ended up ripping the sleeve off of it so he wouldn’t disturb the cat when he got up.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous writing! 😀 Love “the warm sweet weight
    of companionship.”💝💝 We need it now more than ever.

  3. I so enjoy ekphrastic poetry, Xan! Your poem emphasises the comfort so warmly expressed in colours in the image. I especially love the ‘stubborn implacability of the sleeping dog’ and that unreachable coffee ‘Cooling to undrinkability’ – happens to me with our cats! – and the ‘immaterial day’, which sums up the current situation. Give me the warm sweet weight of companionship’ any time. 😊

    • This project, in which I asked my artist friends for images to write about, has actually now expanded, as one of them has asked me to collaborate on a book.

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