The weather report
Tucked in this morning with the news
Said maybe it would snow today
Reminding us that after all
It’s winter
No matter how ready we are
For the warmth of a new season
And the brief flurry hit
As short and inconsequential
as the final day
of the mad king

Every snowfall #12: brief flurry, dusting

5 thoughts on “The final snow of the old regime

  1. I’m a little nervous as to why he needs a “military sendoff” but won’t be attending the inauguration. He is the kind of person who must always be at the center of everyone’s attention, for good or ill. I think there’s a special place in hell waiting for him.

    • The Marine Band played YMCA, and I can only imagine he chose it because he thinks it’s his “brand.” On the upside, I’ve written like nine poems in the past 24 hours–what a source of inspiration!

      • Wow on the YMCA! Trying to stay upbeat I guess. Gods can only rule for limited time on earth and despite every bad thing about him, I almost feel sorry for him today. 9 poems!? Way To Go!

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