Behind mask, scarf, and balaclava
Nothing could be seen
of the postal carrier’s face
As she dropped off the frozen mail
I tried checking with the garden thermometer
But it broke last Wednesday at a balmy 32
I’ve closed all the narrow slatted blinds
And pulled every curtain in the house
Not against the impending dark
But to add an extra inch of insulation
To my snug interior
As I peek through the slats
at my neighbor trying
to jumpstart his truck
In the frigid twilight

2 thoughts on “It’s going to be a cold one

  1. It’s finally winter! I trudged out to the mailbox and had to put my boots, hat, scarf, gloves, and long johns on. Filled the bird feeders while I was out there.

    • Winter used to hit mid-December, the biting cold in January. Now we’re getting it all at once in February. I don’t know how weather works anymore.

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