Her boots made no sound
On the fallen snow
And I couldn’t see her smile
Behind the mask
Though I know it was wide, as always
And startling against her dark skin
She carried bags like a bow
That she fills every day
At the local Walgreens
Just across the street
with bounty gifts redemption
I haven’t seen her in months
and worried because of the plague
But the sunlight like a crown
Shown over her head
Sending her forth to salvation

Apocalypse #1
Plague series # 49

3 thoughts on “Apocalypse: The White Horse

    • Mary’s an angel. A literal angel. I was feeling suicidally depressed and there she was, after months. I think the goddess sent her.

      • I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. ❤ My old mentor, who I learned not long ago passed from covid, called such individuals "Jesus with skin." Angel works just as well. She was one.

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