Already shut in by plague
(No that’s not the metaphor, that’s real, just wait)
The snow keeps piling up
Like a briar hedge
That keeps me here, suspended
Waiting for the world to remember me
Ten inches, then
Two more, and four more
Just a little at time
Like the proverbial frog
You don’t quite notice
That you’re in trouble and then
The walkway is a canyon
Piled two feet on either side
Its fragile cliff fronts white and layered
And not done
They’re predicting another 10 inches
Some yellow-vested Prince-manque
Working for the city
Braved the narrow way
Clambering over the city-plowed barriers
To leave a flier in my mailbox:
They are digging up the nearby throughway
And rerouting all my buses
Half a mile away
Might as well be the moon

The plague series and the snow series keep converging:
Every Snowfall 2020-21 #23, 2” overnight 8 to 14 more predicted
Plague Series #53
Also, this is now 15 days in a row, if anyone’s keeping track.

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