1. The men
My father was in a war
And his father
My uncle was in two wars
And my other uncle three wars
And my cousin, two wars
A military family
That was what they did
My brother missed his war
By two weeks
When Congress abolished the draft
Right after the lottery placed him
First to go
My son, though they started a war
The day he turned three,
Never was really at risk
To be in a war
And unlike me,
Who saw friends die,
Unlikely to have friends
Who would be in a war
Who even then
Had the privilege to choose
To be in a war
Or not

2. The women
My mother served a war
From stateside
But was never in a war
Nor her mother,
Though she fled a war
Before it happened,
Nor her father
Nor her grandparents,
Nor their parents
By privilege of their wealth
My children’s other grandmother
Hid from a war
From soldiers killing and raping
Those who couldn’t hide
And stealing everything else
To this day she never
Discards anything
Because, she tells us,
You just never know.

Pale Horse
Black Horse
White Horse

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