We feel our frailty still
in these waning days of plague
while cautiously emerging
from our isolation
we reached through small bright screens
Trusting the technology
to mitigate our desolation
then nearly failed the test and almost lost
to hate and fear our nation
we still fear the end that’s yet to come
and that will come inevitably
but unless we will it, nothing
can replace our humanity
though it hangs always on a fraying rope
yet strengthened by what remains in the box.

Plague series #58
entered for, but sadly not read aloud at, the dvsere Open Link of 3/18/21

16 thoughts on “Pandora

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to read this one, Alexandra. Guess what? They called me today. I go tomorrow morning to get my covid vaccine (weeks early!) I may yet get to hold my newborn grandbaby in May.

    • Thursdays are always packed with clients, so that mid-afternoon alert comes and goes. This one reads really well out loud, too. oh well.

      Just got back from the first jab! The worker called it the health care equivalent of Disneyland–the happiest place on earth. I’m sure everyone was smiling, but who knows because of the masks.

    • oh, and congrats on the grandbaby! My best friend’s first grandbaby just turned 5 months. I assume I’ll get to meet him before he starts school.

      • Thanks, Alexandra! I hope you get to meet him soon. I love to see babies in nature, picking up things they’ve never seen before. I remember those days with my sons like it was yesterday. They say grandkids are the best but I can’t imagine it being any better than those precious days.

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