Both prompts were the same:
Change a favorite poem
Take a line that inspires you
And I thought okay, I have lots of favorite lines
Well, then favorite authors
Leguin Shakespeare Morrison I write down later
I can’t think of them they rattle around in my brain
Like dice that need boxcars or a seven
And keep just rolling off the table
And under the couch, lost
I cannot, under the pressure of the prompt
Think of a single one
Bible Austen Dickenson Murasaki still later
My mind goes blank.
Not a single name, let alone a line comes to me
Just the lines
The blank white lines in this notebook
Staring blandly back
I have to get up and look at the shelves
Seton Wharton Frost Lessing
Huxley, right Huxley I forgot about Huxley

I reach for a book and hesitate
I’m supposed to to know a line that I love enough
To remember it
But I cannot remember a single one
And now I’ve gone so far off prompt
I’m a little embarrassed
At the literary paucity that is my brain
Which cannot supply a single solitary favorite immortal line
To rewrite

for the dverse 4/6/21 prompt and the NaPoWriMi Day 6 prompt: oppposites

11 thoughts on “Prompt

  1. That feeling—I know it. But you expressed the dilemma far better than I ever could.
    You’re a real poet – man!
    (Shhh, I’m the imposter here; just winging it. Shh)
    Lovely poem. You rock! Thanks for sharing it. 👏

  2. Stream of consciousness to the nth degree!
    These words
    “Like dice that need boxcars or a seven
    And keep just rolling off the table”
    great descriptive imagery.
    I enjoyed this!

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