First day back at work.
Everyone is jabbed. I know this.
I’m the last with just one shot in my arm
But I still made everyone wear masks, as
It is understood that everyone adheres
To the needs of the least comfortable.
This is something we have learned
That I hope we remember in the After Times.
The masks feel like safety
Not from the virus
But from the contact
From the faces that I’m not used to seeing.
A final barrier
To inoculate me from interaction.
I came home after six hours
Ears ringing from too many people
More people
Than I’m used to seeing in one place
Has it only been a year?
I feel like they sucked
all the oxygen
The vaccinated, safe oxygen
The masked, protected oxygen
The crowded, cacophonous oxygen
Out of the room

for the dverse prompt of 4/8/21: the body, and
Plague series #60. I think this means I’m done.

12 thoughts on “Vax

  1. I got my vaccine shot too but luckily we are all still working from home. Its been more than year and so I can understand how it all feels weird again with so many people and noise. Thanks for joining in.

  2. I find it hard to be around crowds of people now especially, though it was always a challenge. I guess we will get back to ‘normal’ slowly.

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