1. Examine every room
2. Realize that these seem to be different from the regular rooms
3. which They may be hiding
4. or hiding in
5. you just never know
6. Find a skinny spot that no cat should rightly fit into
7. Fit yourself there
8. Realize that They are not here
9. Further realize there is a different They here
who also talks in that weird high voice
10. Ascertain regular They are certainly not here
11. By going in and out of every room
12. Again
13. Go back to skinny place
14. Only to discover new They already knows about this place
and has come to bother you
15. find new skinny place
16. Stay there until They start to panic
17. Go in and out of every room
18. Again

NaPoWriMo Day 9, on prompt

3 thoughts on “To-do list for a visiting cat

  1. Witty! I love how many of the list items are not items in the normal sense but adverbs and adverb phrases modifying other items. You totally got into the mind of another species with this style! The “skinny place” is a great image that makes me picture a slinky, compact, squishable cat.

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