I am sitting here wanting an empty wooden spool
To make a cat toy

There used to be one in here
Or in the junk drawer in the old place
Where I could always find such things
To everyone’s ongoing amazement
But now they’re gone

And I am sitting here wondering
Why I have five lip balms
That could have seen me through how many winters
If I’d only remembered they were here
When the world outside was so cold and bitter
And even here inside the air was dry
And when I hunted for the lip balm
And couldn’t find the place I’d hidden it
And went back to the store to buy

Another, and now I’m sitting here wanting
To know why I understand
The difference between
A tape measure, and a measuring tape
Both of which I’ve found
(Still no spool)
And your childhood glasses
That I can’t bear to discard
From when you were in gradeschool

And still I’m sitting here wanting
The one thing I won’t find
Evidence of the memory
That you left behind

Inspired by <u>Wanting Memories</u> by Ysaye Maria Barnwell
And recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock

NaPoWriMo Day 10 (on prompt: combine your junk drawer and a favorite poem)

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