“You used less energy last week than your efficient neighbors”
I take the dopamine hit that is the genius of this marketing email
Just as the heat kicks on
Because it’s cold on this grey mid-spring morning

So much for the dopamine.

As I listen to the engine sound of the gas furnace
Auditory proof that I am personally killing the planet
Under its humming I can hear the drier
Tumbling this week’s laundry
I hung my clothes to dry for years
But somehow in the last few months have been just tossing them in the drier
The gas drier*
*(see above, re: planet killing)
I could have bought electric drier and, of course, oven and stovetop
But what they forget to tell you about switching from gas
Is that it means upgrading your amperage.

The marketing-generated dopamine has now completely dissipated
In the face of my self-reflection
Seeking to reignite it I remind myself
That I don’t have a car
Which is surely worth ten gas driers
And a little bit of heat
On a cold mid-spring morning

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 12

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