1. Alexandra
I have a lot of names
Alexandra, weighty enough on its own
Spawns shortened versions like tadpoles
Sandy, Alex, Xan
Little nicks cut into the sturdy stem

2. NMI
I have no middle name
When I asked why
My mother told me that my last name
My father’s name
Would be my middle name when I got married
What use did I have, after all,
For a name of my own?

3. Samios, Nelson, Chin
I sort among the last names
To see what fits today
My mother’s
My father’s
My husband’s (although I never used it, and he took it back anyway)

4. Matrix
I should find a mathematician
To calculate the possible combinations
And see how many different people
I can be

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 14

7 thoughts on “I’m nobody. Who am I?

  1. That line “little nicks cut into the sturdy stem…” I like…
    Harsh to be told you don’t need a name of your own. It cuts right into the heart of identity and authenticity and who we are. Or, if without that certainty, like you said, maybe we search for who we can be – how many people…
    I found it quite philosophical.


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