It always snows in April
This never isn’t true
No matter early summer-like days
Or brilliant skies of blue
You cannot trust the iris buds
Or anything green that peeks
Its early-springtime bright green sprouts
In early springtime weeks
Don’t be fooled by sunshine
That helps unfreeze the ground
It always snows in April
In this godforsaken town

Every Snowfall 2020-21 #29
brief intense snow shower, no accumuation

3 thoughts on “Okay, this is the last snow, right?

  1. Cute poem. I woke up to a peppering (or is it salting with snow?) of the stuff. Luckily it ended quickly and the sun came out later. Still colder than a well digger’s azz out there. I did go out to the garage and get some of the gardening tools out. Besides a rake and shovel, my best gardening tool is a thing I bought on a whim out of a gardening catalogue. It’s a Korean implement called a homi (see the wiki article on it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homi) This little thing is worth its weight in gold and I dare anybody to attack me in the yard when I have this thing in my hand. 🙂

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