I shut the laptop at four.
It seems early
But I find I’m less inclined these days
To wring every minute out of the day
For someone else
And I need the time that bridges the day

~the day and the evening~

The evening’s measure of sherry
Walking me from the day into the evening
A tall measure of sherry
in my mother’s stemmed aperitif glass
that fits snugly in your hand
The last of the set

for the dverse prompt of 4/27/2021: Puente form (this would be an “ish”)
reworked, or reimagined from this one

18 thoughts on “End of the day

  1. Very beautiful and extremely evocative. My favorite lines were these:

    “But I find I’m less inclined these days
    To wring every minute out of the day”

    I resonate with that and have been feeling more or less the same. Amazingly written!

  2. I like the idea of a definite demarcation of day and evening. Something that’s often difficult to do when you work from home.
    I particularly like the last stanza–it’s so evocative. “The last of the set” reverberates.

    • Hah, interesting, I didn’t really think about that. (There is a link to the reason it’s the last of the set in the small type)

  3. You bring me into your space with your poem. What one drinks from needs to feel right in one’s hand. Sipping sherry as the sun goes down sounds mighty fine.

  4. This is so evocative, I find that one needs a balance in order to truly give their all to writing, an evening walk, a tall glass of beverage, after all, self-care is vital too 💝💝

    • I tend to be a dawn writer (hence the endless verses about dawn), and find that the evening drinking is not compatible with creative thought, whatever Bukowski says.

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