“I see’d a plant!”
She crowed, fat fingers clutching
a handful of potential
“Like this, right?” opening sweaty paws
Dumping all the incipient peas
Into a single hole
“When my peas?” She demanded
As impatient for growth
As I was to keep her small.

for dverse quadrille prompt of 5/3/21: seed

31 thoughts on “Planting Day

  1. You have my heart with this one 😀 memories of the young, are no doubt such that each of us cherish over the years. 💝💝

    • Hah- I know what that means! (Being self-taught, like most of us, I’m slowly learning how the sausage is made)

  2. Your quadrille is such a lovely snapshot, Xan, and I read it just before my daily video chat with my daughter and three-year-old grandson, who love gardening! I love the wordplay on seed and the wistful final lines!

    • I did a whole set on my son as well when he got married. (oddly most of the ones about my daughter are about her as a woman), Just pulling out those moments was so bittersweet.

    • Haha– we just never gave them the choice. Years later it turned out they were bonding with all the other kids with hippie moms over chores like weeding and composting.

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