This is the time of day
When the wounds throb anew
When the day’s busyness ends
My mind no longer distracted
So that suddenly I can feel them
Untreated and unhealed
As fresh as if this was the day
I first wound up alone

for the dverse quadrille prompt of 5/17/21: wound (homograph)

15 thoughts on “This is the time of day

  1. Oh this is so visceral in its emotions. I so agree….our daily lives, the to dos and lists and actions we must follow through with take up our minds. And then when the day is done and we sit, everything can come rushing into our heads. The pain, the memories….sometimes we reach for that “clicker” and turn on the television to occupy us to avoid that inner confrontation.
    This is a powerful write. Thank you for sharing!
    Excellent use of the homographic word in both its meanings!

  2. Way to wind up your quadrille with another instance of ‘wound.’ It’s easy to dwell on wounds when we are left to our own thoughts!

  3. There are certainly times of the day when old wounds throb, calling out to us to remember, maybe in the hopes of forgetting them. Good stuff – I grimaced as I read it, which is a genuinely good sign.

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