I actually like you
Is a thing he said, this person
Who has not spoken a thousand words to me
In our brief professional acquaintance
As though his personal opinion
Of my personality
Is a thing I should care about
While he undermines my authority
This after he told on me
To the boss
For being condescending and unprofessional
Because I insisted that he listen to me
His smug universal look
Of entrenched privilege
That every woman knows
The unspoken conviction
The knowing superiority
The indulgent stare
Like rats you don’t see in the garden
But you know they’re there.

2 thoughts on “Misogyny

  1. “You actually like me? Pity I couldn’t say the same about you.” I’m sure he’d run tattling again if you spoke the truth. Yes, the workplace is crawling with ’em.

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