The peony bloomed this year
The one I stole from the old people’s garden
Because it was dead
It looked so sad filling the small plot
I took it home to see if I could coax it back to life
But as the dead will
It stayed dead
Until this year
When there it was
Poking stems through the spring soil
And erupting in two extravagant flowers
After a couple of weeks
They fell apart
Drifting like shrouds as the blossoms faded
Laying on the ground like floral litter
That’s the thing about flowers
They come and go
Ephemeral, fading
Like old people
Drifting into death

for the dverse prompt of 6/8/21: risk, and a friend’s prompt “saying goodbye and hello”

30 thoughts on “A theft

  1. Xan,
    The whole analogy of the peony works so beautifully and I love these lines especially:
    “They fell apart
    Drifting like shrouds as the blossoms faded”
    Sad, but beautifully done.

  2. The peony symbolizes so many things and often acts as a messenger. The fact that something you thought was gone has come back. I also love the “floral litter” and the tantalizing transience of flowers. If they weren’t so short-lived we’d probably take them for granted. I like the parallels you draw between the blossoms passing and human life “drifting.”

    Beautiful poem. Mine aren’t open yet and if it doesn’t rain soon probably won’t.

    • The original bed was tended by a woman with advanced dementia; her daughter planted (and nearly killed) the peony, thinking it remind her mother of the original garden. But the old woman was extremely upset because the bed no longer looked right to her.

  3. You took a risk snatching the peony… and it died…then came back…then died again. In the end, all “floral litter” 😆 Perhaps potpourri? I enjoyed reading the backstory of the poem in your comments here. A memorable piece! 💖

  4. Ah, yes, the Circle of Life. We are all at risk on the turning wheel, yet have little choice but to keep putting one foot in front of the other and relish our ‘blossoming’ moments. A delightful write, encompassing sadness, hope and acceptance.

  5. I have peonies and I got the first bloom yesterday and already its starting to die. It grows back every year though. But that’s the sadness of flowers, coming and dying.

  6. My goodness this is incredibly potent! I especially resonate with; “That’s the thing about flowers/They come and go/Ephemeral.”💝💝

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