Dragonflies fucking
And prairie grass rattling
And coneflowers bending
Over the narrow pathway
As the early morning
Breezes blow across the meadow
Birds alighting
On the fragile stalks
For the blackberries weighing
The canes that are sticking
To my shirt
And skin
As I forage, stealthily
In this protected place,
Carrying off
My bounty

I am going to do what I never do on these, because I want the poems to speak for themselves. I am going to explain myself. I used the verb “fucking” here as a verb, and an image. Several people (including in private messages) took exception, because apparently we’re all 5. Poets should shock, at least occasionally. If you don’t like the word, move on, don’t point it out to me, as though I somehow didn’t notice I had used this word, or don’t understand its potential to offend. And, to dverse poets, the rules are, you don’t get to correct or critique. It’s against the brief. Don’t like the poem? Just turn the page.

Meadowbrook Park
and shared for the dverse Open Link of 8/5/21

22 thoughts on “Meadowbrook

  1. “Dragonflies fucking”

    I was not expecting that as the hook. 😂 But it drew me in immediately. Love the rhythm and visuals throughout this piece—it’s just amazing.

    • I played around with it in different places, but it really needed to be first. Everyone knows that image, and yes, it just /puts/ you there.

    • I don’t understand everyone’s problem with this. In context it’s not a curse word, and it was the first startling image when I walked out onto the prairie. What do you suggest “dragonflies making love”? doesn’t have quite the punch.

      If poets aren’t making you look twice, if we’re aren’t shocking and making the world take notice of what’s around us, then what, if you’ll pardon me, the fuck are we doing this for?

  2. I love dragonflies no matter what they’re doing. I could almost feel the breeze running through the tall grasses of the prairies. Enjoyed the imagery.

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