Swimming through this pond there is a cat
His face a study in resigned annoyance
What shore he seeks is not a factor, rather that
He swims at all in angry buoyance.
You could not say when, how, much less why
He found himself in such a dreadful spot
He clearly would much rather to be dry
Perhaps curled on a lap, or some nice cot
But he’ll get to where he’s going, wet or not.

for the dverse MTB prompt of 9/9/21: novelinee form

31 thoughts on “A cat in the water

  1. I enjoyed reading your poem. It feels like a limerick as much as a novelinee. You know, some cats love water? There was one at the shelter who came running when the faucet was turned on and insisted on putting his paw in the running water. When word of his antics were posted on facebook, it helped him get adopted.

    • It was partly a prompt from Jade on my FB page, and partly an old photo I remember of a very unhappy cat swimming across a pond. Glad you enjoyed it!

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