1. Remembering
One of the things we lost
When lake subsumed beach
Were large smooth stones on the shallow edge
Which we used to spirit away
And one of the things saved
When lake subsumed beach
Were large smooth stones
Now submerged in the rising water

2. Forgetting
I seldom visit my father’s grave
Too far for casual visits
To place a smooth stone on his marker
Next to the stone I placed the last time
Mine are the only stones there
I think how, soon,
My stone will be the last

a double quadrille for the dverse quadrille prompt of 10/4/21: stone

16 thoughts on “Stones

  1. Alexandra – so good.

    For the first one, I love how you make me think about what it means for the rocks to be saved – from who, from what…

    For the second one – I totally feel you. Regarding the stones, putting stones on graves is a common Jewish tradition – that’s something that I researched after my father passed away, before I attended the unveiling of his tombstone.


    • The one almost wrote the other. I was trying to decide which image to go with and then realized they were almost the same image.

  2. Thank you for sharing your reflections, both deep about life and death. The second one touched me with the approaching days of remembering the dead.

  3. The first made me think of a lake which has been dammed to make a reservoir, which leaves an unnatural-looking rim of stones around the edge. The second is deeply moving, especially its conclusion.

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