Towering clouds were knife-edge
Against brilliant blue
It didn’t look like rain
And the ice cream shop on the other side of the park
Was calling me

Little boys like fireflies
In chartreuse safety jumpers
Heedless of the whistling referees
Darting after a soccer ball
Around the open field

The rhythmic punch
Of a dribbling ball
A solitary player
Honing his skill
Wishing for a challenger

If was the neon glow
Of a waiting father’s red Nikes
against the blacktop
that made me realize
the cottonpuff clouds had obscured the sun

I saw the naked tree
Blasted last summer by lightning
It should have been the portent
To hurry home

Ribbet collage

for the dverse MTB prompt of 10/7/21: cadralor

15 thoughts on “A walk in the park

  1. As someone who walks the part regularly, I imagined the scenes unfolding in each paragraph. Good to see the boys still playing the field. But good to hurry home when its about to rain.

  2. This is absolutely splendid! I especially love; “The rhythmic punch/
    Of a dribbling ball/A solitary player/Honing his skill/Wishing for a challenger.”💝💝

    • I haven’t had a car for two years, so I walk everywhere, and while I often (always) wish I could afford to replace it, it’s nice always being at ground level, and human-paced.

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