Wake in the pre dawn dark
And shuffle through the morning preparation
Your daily tasks
Prepare you for the journey
Of 20 minutes, or 20 years.

Open the blinds set up the coffee make the bed set the sails

No one asks
What do you have today
I remember waking with a cat and a man
and small warm bodies
tangled with ours

Settle in to the day
While the coffee brews
Wash the stray dishes
And listen to the news

There used to be someone to wash up for me
And to compliment the cook

Settle in at your desk
And clear out the email
Steer your day past each obstacle

your cohort, on chat,
Adrift like you,
they code or write or calculate
in solitary home offices,
dropping off one by one
as Circe snares them.
Our days are interrupted
not by sirens at water coolers
but by the lotus eaters
Who tell us “do the laundry!”
“Make bread!”

Penelope will wait.

NaPoWriMo Day 3
Prompt: a poem that occurs over time

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