Sandy Andy Jan Diane
Four girls living house by house
Were we neighbors therefore friends
Or was it that we shared a vowel?

Nine trees
Five on the long front slope
Four in the back
We cut one down
So was it ten trees, or eight?

In ‘67 it snowed knee deep
Then ice fell, inches more
The long front slope
So slippery
Even the cat couldn’t stand up
And we slid past the trees
All the way to the street

There’s a graveyard in the back
A bird, two troll dolls and a Barbie
I’ve always wondered
If anyone ever found it.
Jan and I snuck along
the neighbor’s back fence
that separated our houses
I’m not sure why
We felt we had to sneak

Jan gave me a box of memories
“Do not open
til you get to Illinois”
And I didn’t.
But I opened it
the second we crossed the state line.
Fifty years later
I still have the tiny lion
But I don’t remember what else
It held

Ellis to Grassly
Grassly to Clearview
Clearview to Darby
Darby to Eagle
Eagle was the turnpike
That would take you anywhere
You wanted to go
That would take you to Illinois

Where I lived, 8 to 13 years old, 104 Ellis Road, Havertown PA

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