The master bedroom
Site of crazy dreams
She’d emerge in the morning
To make our toast and cereal
to regard our fails in her black flats
the magic bride whose luck
like her double wedding rings ran out

My brother and me
In rooms facing south
Our team daring magma wishes
And tracking dirt bugs cake

In the kitchen
spice useful herbs
from the ashes emerge tender delicacies

Beyond the tribal ruins
of the kitchen, and the marriage
The living room, slow as snails
A pushy cabin demanding to fit
Where there was no fit

from the dverse prompt of 10/13/20: use the what3words.com site as inspiration.
This is the house I lived in when I went to high school, and the last where my family all lived together. The italicized words are the ones inside the house, in the rooms described, and more or less in order.  Also OctPoWriMo #13.

7 thoughts on “3 words

  1. Very intriguing poem, I liked the line “from the ashes emerge tender delicacies” I like how each room is sectioned off and described here. If walls could speak so they say, great read!

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