Gold Coast midrise
My mother’s place
Elevator building with a pool
The type of place that people live
Who didn’t grow up in Chicago

Edgewater frame two-flat
We left just before
Would have priced us out

Rogers Park courtyard building
Right by the lake
As classic Chicago as you can get

Top floor of an Andersonville 6-flat
Because you can’t really claim
To be from Chicago
If you’ve never had to walk up
Three flights of stairs every day

Rogers Park bungalow
Which made it into the Bungalow Book
If you’re from Chicago
You know what I’m talking about

Although Rogers Park
Is where all good hippies go to die
I ended up 50 feet on the wrong side of Howard street
In Evanston* post-war soldier housing.
A perfect tiny house
Set in a garden

Where I lived: Chicago 22 to 64

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