Perhaps we,
I mean to say you
everyone, I said
Perhaps we read the shadows wrong
the shadowy we
everyone from the shadows
in the shadows
were wrong, forever
circling the shadows
circling the wrongs
circling the we

for the dverse prompt of 9/7/21: derivatives. Using Sanaa Rivi’s line “Perhaps we are reading the shadows wrong; forever cannot draw a circle.” from Winter Moon ~ Part Three: Petals of the Sun

18 thoughts on “Perhaps we

  1. Whoaaaaa 😀 this is absolutely phenomenal, Xan! 💝💝 You have added so much depth to the quote here .. my hat is off! Thank you so so much for writing to the prompt. A true gem!

    • Your prompt really threw me! I’ve been finding all the recent prompts so difficult that I keep skipping them (although I have been working through the 15 or so that my friends gave me). Thank you for making me poem.

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