July 16
Asleep by seven
Did I skip another day?
I’ll write tomorrow

July 17
Early in the day
I walked to the local park
To pick gooseberries

July 18
I glazed some cookies
Then turned the extra icing
Into a cocktail

July 19
Thunder woke me up
Rain turned the golden dawn light
To sodden silver

July 20
Dinner with best friends
Such a normal thing to do
And yet so strange

July 21
The clear summer air
Judging the humidity
How damp is the mask

July 22
Is it hot enough
In the humid early air
To ice the coffee?

July 23
Outside the window
Like a film in slow motion
The lilies open

Week one, Week two, Week four

7 thoughts on “31 Haiku for July: Week 3

  1. Your haiku for the week is wonderful respite. Lunch with friends is the middle, centering position. So glad you were able to spend time with friends. My lilies are opening also 🙂

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